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NESS 2024 Conference Workshop
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Rural Community

The Turano Valley is an area located in the Lazio region, in central Italy, on the border with the Abruzzo region, in an area of the province of Rieti included in the Ancient Sabina. It is crossed by the Turano River of the same name which, after the Velino River, represents the most important waterway in Sabina. It is located northeast of the city metropolitan area of Rome, known for its natural beauty and ancient villages. The valley is a home to Turano Lake, an artificial basin created in the 1930s for hydroelectric power. The area’s economy is based on agriculture, crafts, and tourism. 

Turano pilot aims to address the challenging issues of inadequate infrastructure, depopulation, and a lack of job opportunities by studying people’s mobility and promoting urban revitalization in synergy with an ongoing EU Next Generation fund (2.6 M euros). 

Key Challenges

Turano pilot sets to address the following societal and environmental challenges: 

  • urban degradation
  • poor road infrastructure system
  • transport and mobility 
  • depopulation 
  • poor job opportunities 
  • low-educated communities


The overall vision of the Turano pilot is the cultural and social regeneration and improved mobility.  

The GREENGAGE project provides an opportunity to address the inadequacy of the road infrastructure system and the phenomenon of the progressive depopulation of the villages by gathering valuable information to support decisions in order to identify strategies and models for regeneration and improvement of mobility, based on citizens’ preferences.