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04 Jun
NESS 2024 Conference Workshop
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Rural Community

Gerace is an Italian town in the Province of Reggio Calabria, in the Region of Calabria. It is part of the Italian Association of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, which extends over 28.6 km² and has 2.399 inhabitants. Gerace is located 46 km southeast of Vibo Valentia, the largest city in the vicinity. 

Gerace pilot aims to exploit the synergy with the initiative led by the same municipality through the 20-million-euro Next Generation fund, for the EU recovery and resilience plan in support of the objectives of the EU Green Deal for sustainable city regeneration. The overall project called “Porta Del Sole” consists of 9 interventions aimed at regenerating, repopulating, and enhancing the great heritage of history, art, culture, and traditions of the village, making it a shared wealth. 

Key Challenges

Turano pilot sets to address the following societal and environmental challenges: 

  • urban degradation
  • poor road infrastructure system
  • transport and mobility 
  • citizen engagement
  • depopulation


The overall vision of the Gerace pilot is to generate knowledge on how the increased awareness of citizens about the phenomena related to cultural, economic and social urban regeneration can contribute to a better and strengthened sustainable governance in a model medieval village.  

The GREENGAGE project provides an opportunity to carry out a series of interventions aimed at the recovery and enhancement of buildings, at improving the accessibility of the village, at the provision of tourist, cultural and entertainment services, training and incentives for businesses.